nCipher Security News Release

Thales HSMs awarded Common Criteria certification by Organismo di Certificazione della Sicurezza Informatica (OCSI)

Thales HSMs receive Common Criteria Certification from Italian Authorities for the issuance by Certification Authorities of public key certificates to Italian citizens.

Thales, leader in critical information systems and cybersecurity, announces that Organismo di Certificazione della Sicurezza Informatica (OCSI), the Italian technical testing and evaluation standards organization, has awarded Thales nShield HSMs Common Criteria EAL4+ certification.

Government approved Certification Authorities (CAs) in Italy, such as banks, post offices and telecommunications companies, can use Thales nShield HSMs to issue public key certificates to Italian citizens for online government-to-citizen services.

While the European and global market for electronic signature applications is growing rapidly, the Italian Government is leading Europe in digitalisation. The Italian Digital Agenda is a flagship initiative of the Europe 2020 Strategy, which sets targets for growth in the EU to be reached by 2020. Italy is the first European country to enforce certification for remote signing under the 1999 EU directive (May 2012).

Thales has received Common Criteria EAL4+ certification for nShield Solo and Connect HSMs through the Italian certification agency, OCSI. Under the 1999/93 EU Directive, this certification grants SSCD (Secure Signature Creation Devices) status to nShield HSMs. Existing SSCDs will be recognized as QSCDs (Qualified Signature Creation Devices) when the EU regulation for the trusted list of cryptographic devices comes into force mid-2016. This certification also provides compliance with the eIDAS 2014 Regulation.

Peter Galvin, Vice President Strategy Thales eSecurity says:

“Many public Government approved certification authorities in Italy rely on Thales HSMs to provide the protection, performance and scale necessary to securely manage millions of customers’ encryption keys and digital certificates. Thales has long championed best practices and industry standards and the OCSI Common Criteria certification demonstrates our commitment to achieving the highest standards and compliance requirements. Meeting the regulation requirements in Italy presents an important opportunity for Thales and our partners to provide customers with fully approved digital signing solutions for both government and enterprise services where an electronic signature must have at least the same legal validity as a handwritten signature.”

Ugo Erich Govigli, Chief Executive Officer Thales Italia S.p.A. says:

“The achievement of OCSI Common Criteria certification for Thales HSM products confirms the commitment of Thales to support the digital transformation processes for Italian Government and enterprises and reinforces the Group’s investments in Italy.”