Assessing a PKI Against Today's Changing Requirements - Helping Ensure a Strong

Thales PKI Webinar: The suitability and trustworthiness of a PKI must be regularly assessed as more higher value applications increasingly depend on it. As the demands on previously deployed PKIs change, consultants and PKI implementers can play a valuable role by examining usage, applications, and data to ensure the appropriate levels of assurance are in place. With the backdrop of well-known attacks on sensitive data, as well as technology advances, implementers must consider critical security factors including:

  • Growing industryand government regulatory compliance requirements
  • Today’s increased threat environment and sophistication of attacks
  • Supported applications and the sensitivity of the data they process
  • Expanded use of a PKI to support mobility and cloud computing
  • Transition to longer RSA key lengths and alternative algorithms

Join our webcast to learn how to create awareness of the critical need to assess PKIs in the face of new developments, and to ensure they can still do the job. This informative Microsoft PKI implementers session will provide you:

  • A security blueprint to create awareness in this critical security matter
  • A framework to examine PKI needs against required assurance levels
  • A set of best practices to develop action plans to strengthen their PKIs
  • Information about how Thales nShield hardware security modules (HSMs) can enhance the assurance level of Microsoft PKIs
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